Our largest Smart Health project to date is the A Lab Vertical Farm

The community funded and run A Lab Vertical Farm explores the way we will grow food in the 21st century.  How can new technologies help us build a more sustainable, clean and safe ecosystem around food production and consumption? The crops from this farm will be used by The Coffee Virus. The data collection will add to our future knowledge base. Next to this, the farm will also educate 500 children about the future of food and healthy living.


About Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming happens in a controlled environment. It involves using LED lighting, water, nutrition and substrate, which are all closely monitored. The benefits of Vertical Farming, as compared to more traditional farming methods, are many:


- crops are grown in a fully controlled environment

- no use of pesticides

- stable crop quality and production

- growth cycles are quick, between 8 and 32 days

- vertical farms are operational all year around

- they provide food in any season

- the carbon food print is heavily reduced

- only requires 1-2% of water compared to traditional farming


For more information on this project or an educational tour with your school, please see our website: a-lab.nl. Alternatively you can email us at info@a-lab.nl, call us on +31 (020) 820 23 63 or come by our office (Lab 006).


Our Supporters


We would like to thank the following people and organization who made the A Lab Vertical Farm happen.


Big Supporters:

OneFarm, BemStudio, ClinkNOORD, OKComply, The Coffee Virus, VATFree, V-Farm, AutoGrow Systems, AMS-Group, Enza Zaden, Thijs Koolmees, Jan van der Meij



Stephane Blokhuis, Evelien Kleinjan, Syb ten Cate Hoedemaker, Sebastian Plasschaert, Alexander van der Wyck, Mary Vos, Hielke Booijink, Anne van der Meij, Valkenberg & Janssen, MI8 Marketing Cloud, Sendsteps, Bliksems



The A Lab Vertical Farm educative program for school children is made possible by the City of Amsterdam and subsidized by Maak je Stad.

Smart Health Lab

Here in A Lab we are very aware that the coming 20 years or so will have far-reaching consequences for the earth and its inhabitants. As a community, we want to tackle these challenges head-on, using the latest technologies to help us become more sustainable and less wasteful. Community-funded projects such as the A Lab Vertical Farm allow us to utilize our members' skillsets in a way that is both useful to us and interesting to outside observers.