Overhoeks Swimming Contest


Indoor Garden

Wednesday Jul 19
16:00 to 23:00

You are invited to the Overhoeks Swimming Contest during A Lab's 4th anniversary on July 19th!  


Signup with your companies team before the 30th of June

Your team should consist of four members. The swimming distance is 50m per person. 


The Obelt swimming pool in the Overhoeks area created a yearly A Lab tradition of a swimming contest in the water next to our building. We celebrate A Lab's anniversary with a yearly Overhoeks Swimming Contest!  Check out the photos of last year if you would like to be convinced of joining our contest. We start off at 5 PM with the swimming contest - you can signup with your own team, do it now -, followed by The Coffee Virus amazing BBQ experience.  Organized together with last year's winner Hyperion. Why a swim competition and what's the deal with the bbq experience? We’ll share more information soon on our website regularly to answer all the questions but for now it's very important to SAVE THE DATE! 


More info on the program coming soon.


See you the 19th #inalab! 

And don't forget to bring your swimming trunks ;)