Cartoon Movement Exposition Opening


The Coffee Virus

Tuesday Mar 19 17:00 to Tuesday Apr 30 23:00


Come see the temporarily exposition by Cartoon Movement #inalab which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A Lab will host on Tuesday March 19 an interactive discussion in honour of this exposition about how censorship plays a different role in the creative process of A Lab Members. How do you decide what you write about in case of an uncomfortable or sensitive topic? Have you ever had a conversation with your client about what really should be in a project, and what aspects you consciously leave out in a story?

Join the conversation and let’s toast together on this inspiring exposition!!

About the exposition:

Out of over 500 cartoons from all over the globe, the 30 cartoons illustrate the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration. The cartoons in this exhibition make you think. They bring human rights to live.

Censorship event from 5-7 pm on Tue 19 March at The Coffee Virus

Exposition from 1 March - 30 April during work hours on ground floor #inalab

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