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Every member in A Lab has an experiment, a dream she is chasing or a problem he wants to solve. But together we are stronger. 

Therefor, we are constantly setting up Virtual Labs, where we invite in- and external members to join forces around a societal challenges, creative dream or just a great idea. Interested in joining or setting up a Lab? Let us know!

music inalab


Anything music

Parties, releases, technologies, meetups, business, studio's.. get it here! 


Social Robots will influence many parts of society. 

A Lab's Social Robotics Lab brings together professionals, users, patients, policy makers to discuss the way social robots can add to our lives.  Ethics, technology, business and social impacts are on the agenda.


The role of journalism in the media landscape is changing at a tremendous speed. How will we adapt new technologies, content models, financing methods and public needs?

Art & Culture

C-Lab brings together the most interesting parties in music, film, art, theater.

goggles vr film 3d


Film, VR, 3D, Interaction

The Visual Lab researches and showcases the latest of the greatest. Meetups, trials, demo's. 

And of course anything YOU want to bring!!


What if you ​are free to share everything? What if you could directly​ trade person to person again? What if people could share freely without interference? What if ​it​ is entirely free/in your control​ to share​​?   What if you didn’t need to trust anyone?